Tuesday, December 10, 2019



42 year old shooter. Illegal Gun. Czech Republic

"Man Kills 6, Wounds 3"

Democrat AOC Supporter "We have to eat the babies" was a hoax #autohoax

Epic Deep Troll Identified:

"...we have to eat the babies!"

Remember the frantic eco-facist who says we need to start eating the babies?

She turned out to be a Trump supporter DEEP FAKING as an environmentalist:

This is why we must autohoax. Look at that DUPER'S DELIGHT:

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6 Dead in NJ Supermarket -- DEVELOPING #autohoax


Here's a couple predictions regarding the NJ shooting:

WHITE man that hates Jews and Blacks. How do I know?

"...bodies were found in a kosher grocery store at Bayview Ave and Martin Luther King"...... Invoking "MLK" is part of the SCRIPT.

Also -- they lock down the schools to ensure they terrorize the kids.

*So my initial assessment:

This is a PSYOP. It will be blamed on whites -- it will be used to censor "hatespeech" on the internet.

  • "Kosher" = White Nationalist Shooter.. Bowlcut confirmed?
  • Martin Luther King street--probably planted there for meme value.
  • Shooting looks and sounds fake and staged: 

A nice bit of Kubuki Theatre:


"STAY TUNED" ???? Seem like he's agitating and promoting a PSYOP to me.... 


UPDATE--Although my initial assessment was that it would be blamed on Whites, the promotion of the Psyop by pro-Isreal right-wingers leads me to reconsider. It is now pointing at ISIS. Muslim terrorist?



Sunday, December 8, 2019

Richie From Boston Pushes 9-11 Disinformation For Big Brother RETRO-#AUTOHOAX 9/11

"Richie From Boston", as he is known, promulgates the most ridiculous 9/11 conspiracies in order to prevent you from seeing that this event was a psychological operation and not a real attack, "false flag" or otherwise.

Nobody died. Bottom line.Understanding this fact is essential. Anyone pushing real deaths is also pushing a real attack. So long as the attack is treated as real, the government-controlled-media will be able to camouflage itself as reporters and and not the institution that creates terrifying propaganda in order to subjugate the hyper-mediated masses.

Does Riche From Boston just like telling dramatic stories? Because if that's the case, perhaps he should label his work "MSM Fan Fiction."

IS JUICE WRLD FAKING HIS DEATH? #autohoax #juicewrld #21

..Developing (subscribe for updates to your email)

1) Predictive Scripting in Lyrics:
"What's the 27 Club? We aint' making it past 21"  -- JUICE WRLD

2) About to release a record:

3) Tik-Tock Lucid Dream Challange: Fans pretended to have seizures in viral video

4) Juice Wrld Tweeted his upcoming fake death

5) Juice Wrld "DEEP FAKING" as Lil Uzi Vert

6) Sold his soul in Satanic ritual, sowing rumorsm etc