Sunday, December 8, 2019

Richie From Boston Pushes 9-11 Disinformation For Big Brother RETRO-#AUTOHOAX 9/11

"Richie From Boston", as he is known, promulgates the most ridiculous 9/11 conspiracies in order to prevent you from seeing that this event was a psychological operation and not a real attack, "false flag" or otherwise.

Nobody died. Bottom line.Understanding this fact is essential. Anyone pushing real deaths is also pushing a real attack. So long as the attack is treated as real, the government-controlled-media will be able to camouflage itself as reporters and and not the institution that creates terrifying propaganda in order to subjugate the hyper-mediated masses.

Does Riche From Boston just like telling dramatic stories? Because if that's the case, perhaps he should label his work "MSM Fan Fiction."

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